Monday, September 21, 2009

alive, one plus one 

So, things happen. And things are going to happen. Husband and I are having a kid, who will be making his appearance shortly after the New Year. I've been shifting between shock, excitement, terror. I'm not sure I'm mom material. But I'm doing my research.

The best book I've found on being pregnant is Your Pregnancy Week by Week, by Glade B. Curtis, MD, MPH, and Judith Schuler, MS, 6th ed. It's wonderful. There are weekly drawings of either baby-to-scale or how-baby-fits-in-mommy, weekly exercises, and great information presented in weekly, not-overwhelming amounts (as well as a great index). Lots of information, and it isn't preachy at all. There's no BS. The book feels written by a doctor, in that there are real science and real facts, but everything is written to be easily understood by non-scientists.

Best book in preparation for having a kid: Traci Hogg's Secrets of the Baby Whisperer. I love it. I am learning so much. In several months, I'll post a review of this book.

I've read a few others. I'll post more on them soon. (I don't want to promise much, since I've clearly been in a blogging rut, and I may stay there despite my best intentions)


congrats and good luck!
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