Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Persuading kids to read 

A really interesting thread.

How you you encourage reading? Especially in boys?

My contribution:
Building on the Dungeons and Dragons idea:

Role-playing in general is great. It got my husband reading as a kid, mostly sci-fi stuff so he could create his own game (complete with a detailed hexadecimal math system I don't completely understand. He was 10). I'm in my early 20's now and didn't get into role-playing until my teens years, but I can say that the stuff took me in reading directions I never would have found alone. I swear by White Wolf, a techo-goth punk world, and GURPS, a copmletely generic system that works with any world and that has susprisingly detailed sourcebooks for just about every history period, mythology, and fantasy realm. I've never found a factual error in them (though I found the comment about sailing "For the sake of simplicity, this book refers to all one masted vessels as sloops, all three masted vessels as ships,"... so intriguing that I now know more than any twenty something should on 17th century naval history.

Basically, the GURPS sourcebooks are fun to read, have lots of fun art and sidebars, and list their sources.

Monday, July 17, 2006


I try to let the river flow in and out of me
and pray I float the way I think I want -
and pray I float at all

I likely won't be blogging for a bit. But I'll be back.

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