Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Meet interesting people, but try not to kill them 

So, much of my time recently has been spent driving around northern Virginia (and reluctantly, parts of Maryland) buying books for really cheap to send to troops stationed overseas. I'm part of Operation Paperback, you see, and since postage is so expensive (even to APO / FPO addresses) I need to find free of cheap paperbacks.

It's been a successful week, in the sense that I have had trouble making room for the new books, as I store them before mailing. It's also been a successful week in terms of trying out the old CCW license. What, you don't want me to walk into a stranger's home unarmed, do you? I definitely need to practice concealment more, but wearing a heavy coat in the cold winter weather combined with very short stops at people's homes guarantees adequate concealment.

Even still. I wish I were a guy. I look over my wardrobe, think about the functionality of it all, and wish I were a guy.

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