Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life is Short - Read Fast 

My family's holiday is Christmas, and it went, surprisingly and with problems in planning, extremely well. My mom hosted dinner for 28 without a hitch (actually 27, because one uncle phoned in sick), and the little nephews running around at the in-laws' house have (to my knowledge) broken nothing of importance or of value.

The odd thing about this holiday, though, is that mostly people give me books. It isn't unusual for me to get a two foot tall stack of books. (and I can't describe my delight at that except through pictures, both from Christmas 2007 - hence the red sweater. Normally I shy away from dramatic colors like red.).

This year, though, the husband actually got more books that I. I got An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa, 1942-1943 by Rick Atkinson (and it looks great. I can't wait.). Then we both got a coffee-table book that is too heavy for our coffee table: Africa by Michael Poliza, which has some stunning photographs, many from the parts of Africa I haven't visited yet. My mom gave me Wildside III: Best of Rose Rigden, a book of comics by an artist I'm unfamiliar with, all about safaris. Sadly, I recognize my family and myself is more than a few of the images.

I also got two postcard books of Happy Bunny images. I'm already plotting which friend should get which card. Bwa ha ha.

I am pleased.

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