Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thoughts on the future of books 

Some books will be just ten pages long, but the pages will be electonic paper. You will turn each pages to read, and when you reach the last page, you return to the beginning, and the computer has the next page ready for you.

More interesting to me are vending machines that print books on demand, any book you want, bind them, and make them look like "real" published books from bookstores.

In an earlier post, I linked to a site that describes such a machine. I am thinking of the business model of the company that would place these vending machines. Standard bookstores may not want the competition from them. Office supply stores may want them; they do binding and copying and such already, printing a book would not be a dramatically new service to offer.

I hope to see them soon in airports. A friend of mine who flew recently lamented of the lack of books that appealed to her in airport stores. The airport would be a prime market.

I give it two years.

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