Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pencil sharpeners are weapons 

This poor boy was suspended in Hilton Head, South Carolina. His cheap pencil sharpener broke, and, needing to use his pencil, he sharpened it with the blade-part of the broken plastic and metal device.

As the writer of the article says, props to the boy for kluging a solution. Go creativity. "Improvise, adapt and overcome," Steve M, the blogger commenting on the news article writes with approval.

The boy was suspended for two days, may face further suspension and penalties for ... having a weapon in school. Even though the sheriff's department acknowledges no criminal intent. Even though there were no options for the boy - everything he could have done after the pencil sharpener broke, from giving the metal to the teacher, hiding it and having it discovered, throwing it away and having it discovered, would leave him a victim of these asinine Zero Tolerance policies against weapons in school.

Hat tip to Steve M at Conservative247

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