Sunday, October 12, 2008

3rd year anniversary - Leather 

My love and I have been married for three years. Plus four days. We've been busy and not terribly concerned with gifts. We like tradition, though, so we had a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant, and we wanted to give each other gifts in the American and European tradition. The traditional third year anniversary gift is leather. (Yes, feel free to make all the BD jokes you want.)

I am often overwhelmed at parties in bars with lots of people, especially people I don't know. And we were at such a party tonight, and we happened to be in a neighborhood I know well, and I took a walk to the bookstore a block away. I found a copy of Dante's The Divine Comedy. Bound in leather. I've been wanting a copy of this for a while, and not just because we recently saw the episode of Angel where Lilah gives Wesley an illuminated copy of the Inferno. I have only read pieces of the Inferno, and I don't even own a copy of the other poems.

Now I do. I bought it, and I told my husband it was an anniversary gift. It's the perfect gift, as Homer Simpson said, a gift for him to give to me.

Hi Janine. Not sure you remember me from explo, all those years ago--It's John Elliott. Hope your life is treating you right; it's amazing what one can google!
Of course I remember you! Now give me an email address or email me so I can ask you a million things because it's been ten frickin' years.
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