Thursday, August 28, 2008

A job! 

I guess I have a job. Kind of. Freelance, I guess. I've an arrangement now with Book House such that anything of theirs that I sell, I get 1/3 (cash, not trade, like I get with the cataloging).

And creating the spreadsheet I'll use to track them sure beats working more on the discovery stuff i have to do for a stupid lawsuit. I was doing that stuff for hours. Now it's time for nini stuff. Like...typing postcard data into Excel.

Wow, I have an exciting life.

In more exciting news, the pictures I took in Africa are almost sorted. I've winnowed them down from 3600 to about 400. After more filtering, I'll let people see them. I was NOT going to subject anyone to a 3600 image slide show. My own eyes have been crossing as I go through them, and I took the darn pictures.

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