Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How many languages? 

Yesmin asked today how many languages I want to learn. She didn't define "language" or explained "learn to what proficiency" so I said, "All." I didn't explain that I only want to be able to read these languages, nothing more.

My language skills do leave much to be desired. I'm can read Latin, well enough that without a dictionary I can at least tell what the text is about. Chinese, eh, I can pick out characters I know, but that doesn't give any hint to the main content. I cansit down with a dictionary and work it out. Romance languages I need a dictionary for the parts I can't guess from English and Latin. I'm working on very very very basic Russian, focusing of how to look this up in a dictionary.

Spanish is the only language I have a interest in learning to speak, because a new chuck of my family is from Spain and the DR. I can do very simple greetings in Chinese.

I like to look at at Coptic, but I don't think I'll study it.

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