Monday, June 09, 2008

The Man Who Was Poe 

By Avi. If I could magically emulate any author, it would be Avi.

Half of me wishes I'd read this book as a kid, even as a 7th grader trying to memorize "The Raven" as she had memorized her times tables. The other half is glad I read it today (yes, the whole thing today), when I could understand all the references to Auguste Dupin, the Raven, the Gold Bug, and so forth. Sadly, I detected no references to absinthe, just alcohol. But it *is* a kids' book, so I'll let that pass.

Avi not only captures the character of Poe but the method of unfolding mystery Poe used in his short stories.

"I am not mad. It is more extraordinary than that: I have made a mistake!"

Oh, the arrogance.

Poe, yet another dead person I have a crush on.

Great book. Even for adults. Especially for adults.

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