Sunday, May 18, 2008

Travel III 

Books are heavy. Traveling with many books makes my bags heavier than they look, and during past solo travels, more than a few chivalrous men have offered to stash my bags in the racks overhead on trains or planes only to wonder if being a gentleman was really worth it. And to wonder how this little girl could carry these bags in the first place. (the answer? Stubbornness)

The father of an ex-boyfriend solved the problem of the weight of books while traveling by tearing out the pages he'd read and throwing them away.

That solves the weight problem, or at least keeps the weight of the bags constant as you accumulate souvenirs and gifts for friends back home. But it prevents rereading.

I have a trip approaching that has a strict weight limit. Strict as in, if the bags are too heavy, the plane will crash.

So may Thoth, Clio, and St. John of God forgive me: I am thinking to buying a Kindle.

Digital content is great: you can have it at multiple locations, increase the text size as your eyes tire, link to references as you read.
It doesn't have a smell. Knowledge should be smelly (10 points for recognizing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference).
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