Monday, April 14, 2008

Locked and Loaded 

Read this book on a whim. It’s marketed as something that it isn’t. So I was disappointed.

The book’s a fine collection of lesbian erotica spanning the centuries, from high-sea pirate stories to sci-fi fantasy. The sex is well written, and the characters are well-defined, believable, confident, sexy, and powerful. So if you like this kind of stuff, you’ll love this book.

But I was expecting stories that explore the image of a woman with a gun. As a supporter of the Second Amendment Sisters and the Pink Pistols, pro-gun groups for women and homosexuals, I was hoping for stories that explored what happens during a male/female power struggle when strength is removed from the equation, and fights can be decided on with agility, timing, and breath control. I was even prepared for some nonsense about guns as phallic symbols, while hoping most of the authors would acknowledge, like Freud, that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” The cover image had me especially worried about the phallic imagery, given the unsafe gun handling (Any NRA member worth her salt would be cracking up at the ridiculousness of that photograph).

In the end, what I got was a so-so collection of short stories that spanned various genres and time periods, offered realistic lesbian characters and erotica, but avoided the gun issue the book marketed and sold itself on.

And people complain about the *gun* industry’s false advertising.

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