Wednesday, April 05, 2006

White Rose 

I took this picture from a German website here that I can't read. I copied the picture rather than steal their bandwidth by hotlinking to it.

This is Sophie Scholl. There's a movie coming out about her. Well, about her last five days. She was executed in 1943 by the SS in Nazi Germany for distributing leaflets that contained information about, among other things, concentration camps. Supposedly, she said to the judge during her trial: "Soon you will be standing where I am standing now." True enough - soon the Allies took Germany.

Much has been made of the Germans' willingness to go along with Hitler's plans. But there were people who weren't. Most were too scared to do anything. But Sophie wasn't.

“We shall make waves...” she said, and she smoked one last cigarette before walking to the guillotine.

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