Friday, March 10, 2006

More Bethesda 

2006 February 11 003

2005 May 24 apartment plants 013

2005 April 26 flowers 018

2005 April 19 flowers 004

2005 April 14 flowers 016

2005 April 09 dogwood 006



June 26 2005 012

June 26 2005 010

Sigh, I miss plants ... why did I move to Canada??

Enjoy spring for those of us that won't be able to for a few more months!
email me your phone number - I tried to call you and apparently don't have your current digits.
Besides, I married a "Canadian," remember? All his family reunions are in London, Ontario.
I drive through London all the time!!! There is usually a "white-out" or a hailstorm or something of that nature going on.

Are you posting the flowers to taunt the relations, then?
Also, I took your beautiful art and cheapened it by making the morning glory (or that flower that looks like a morning glory) into the background of my computer. I know, I'm tacky, but it makes me so happy...
I'm flattered, actually...


I'm going to Thailand on Thursday - I'll definately send you a postcard (are you at the same address in Canada?) and I hope to bring back lots of pretty pictures.
Aha! THIS is why you don't return my calls ... Thailand is better than me, hunh? HUNH???

No no, I agree, Thailand is better than me ... or at least, you probably don't get cell reception there, so you don't have to choose.
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