Tuesday, January 17, 2006

for MSI benefit 

If these pictures don't make sense to anyone but MSI people, that's probably for the best.

Comments are welcome.

Moth and guns:

Moth posing:

Because bearing arms is not just about guns:

Closeup of engraving on Merkel over-under shotgun:

That's all for one day.

Wadcutter says you're married? Your husband is a lucky man.

I liked your post about the shotgun you got from your uncle.

I am big on family heirlooms. One of my favorite pieces is a Double Action Frontier model 1895 Colt .45 revolver. It belonged to my grandfather and my father before passing to me. Someday my son will display it as proudly as do I.

Oh, and if your uncle needs a firarm for hunting offer to loan him the pump.
I like to remind my husband that. :) Of course, it goes both ways. He IS better with both a gun and a sword than I.

The pump is my husband's, and he's likely to be my uncle's hunting companion.

Most of my family heirlooms are ivory and jade (from SE Asia, my grandfather was State Department). I love it all. I can look through old family photos all day. And I have.
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