Monday, October 10, 2005


I've been...busy the last few weeks. But I'm back now.

I got married Saturday. That's my excuse. And I was so stressed leading up to it. I wasn't even reading. I didn't get nervous until we were ready to start walking into the ceremony, and they I almost started crying, and I was clinging to my father, babbling about how I felt like I was going to miss him but knowing that was silly, I'm still going to see him, and my mom, and everyone. The ceremony went perfectly and the party - let's just say I have never had so much fun dancing in my entire life. I still ache from dancing, jumping, bouncing for five hours. I'm still glowing.

I will be back online tomorrow. I return to my day job, and I have an article to write on the history of a local highway. Should be fun, actually. But I'm a history geek.

Congrats on tieing the knot.I was just surfing around here lookin for some things to read and steped upon yours..My sister got married 2 months ago and we just came back from Trinidad & Tobago..Its really pretty down there.
Welcome! I'll be going to St. John's in November (once these hurricanes stop). I've heard great things about Trinidad and Tobago, though...
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