Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane Frivolity 

I've been following the news obsessively (it's how I deal with tragedy). I know that the friends and relatives of my loved ones are okay. I know that some people who work for my father are still unaccounted for. I'm still hoping.

There are lots of websites devoted to news of evacuation and criticism of the politicians and the people involved. I'll leave them to that. I want to report something different and completely irrelevent to anyone remotely connected to the disaster.
The French Quarter is dry and never got more than about a foot of water in it. Trees are down everywhere, but some police are about and it wasn't looted like the stores along nearby Canal Street. The Faulkner House Bookstore, a local treasure where Willie Faulkner lived as young writer, is intact. Molly's Bar is open and serving warm beer. It even has a working phone.
From the Wall Street Journal.

I was wondering about Faulkner's house. I went there last time I was in New Orleans. I like seeing writers' homes. Seeing Hemingway's home in Key West was a highlight of my last trip to Florida.

Yes, it's frivolous. Yes, people are more important than houses. But I was wondering and thought I'd share.

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