Monday, August 08, 2005


You can't have much of a book blog without talking about Harry Potter. So I guess I'll say a few words.

I started the first book, thought it wasn't worth my time, and never picked it up again. Later, because a housemate left the 4th book on the coffee table, I read the end. The writing was unimpressive. The characters were interesting, the drama seemed interesting, but there was not enough meat there to hold my attention again.

Bottom line - with so much writing out there, and given my limited lifespan, I don't wantto spend it reading Harry Potter. Nothing against those who like him, it's just not for me.

Besides, the genre's almost the opposite of what I like. I tend to prefer non-fiction, history or essay. I don't like fantasy. I don't like magic.

From what I've read, the Harry Potter books are some of the best of their genre. For better or worse, I don't read that genre. So I won't read Harry Potter.

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