Saturday, August 27, 2005

(only tangentially book-related) 

Registering for gifts is an awkward thing for me.

I have trouble asking for favors. Heck, I have trouble asking directions, lest I inconvenience the person I'm asking. So asking for presents seems way over the top.

Besides, I have everything I need to live comfortably. Sure, I'd like to have that beautiful comforter and sheets set I've been coveting for...oh...four years now. But I don't need it. I don't need a coffee maker. I don't need a big mixing bowl. I can buy myself a muffin tray.

But the flip side is that there's a lot of stuff that a finished household has that my fiance and I don't. Like several sets of matching dishes. Like placemats. Like new towels. And there's stuff I want but would never buy myself. And since the people I invite to my wedding will probably want to give me something, I'd prefer it to be something I'd like or that I'd actually use. So, I registered.

(and now the book part) - Since Amazon.com has a wedding registry, I've registered there. There are coffee table books on my registry, big books of maritime paintings that I would never buy myself but want desperately.

I have my fingers crossed.

(Disclaimer: if you know me and were not intending to buy me something, DON'T. I really don't want anyone to feel obligated to buy me ANYTHING. You know what I'd like most? Seriously, a letter. A long letter, telling me about your year, your marriage, sharing advice, telling me stories about my family, remembrances of our times together, whatever you want to share. Yes, it'll take time, but no money. That's what I'd like.)

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