Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Best - Party Theme - Ever 

I'm getting married soon (to someone who claims to have nightmares about being crushed by my towering, overflowing bookcases. They do kind of loom over the bed, but in a protective, tree-like way, not a precarious, rock-sculpture sort of way. Still, he has a good case (pun unintended). I DO need a library).

His mother came up with the idea of a literary bridal shower. Everyone was to bring me a book.

Since this shower was only with his family, she also suggested a theme: everyone should bring either their favorite book or a book dear to them that they want to share with me, maybe so I can get to know them better or maybe because it has marriage advice they found valuable.

It was great. Not only did I get books, mostly by authors I didn't know of, I got to know my soon-to-be family a bit better. His family is full of readers, geeks, PhDs, economists, computer scientists, and amateur astronomers, and they loved the idea and the books I got, which I left out to be pored over the rest of the time I was there.

Best shower theme ever.

It would be really interesting to know some of the titles, or (eventually) which ones you really enjoyed ... and it really is too bad that I wasn't there to pelt you with travel books that we could discuss later ;) Alas.
It turned out to be a crash course in Canadian literature, so I didn't recognize many of the writers. L. M. Montgomery and Douglas Coupland I knew, but not John Hassler, Benedict and Nancy Freedman, or Bernice Morgan.

The non-fiction included Robert Wright's "The Moral Animal," Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet," and John Keegan's "Fields of Battle."

And for travel lit, "Jaguars Ripped my Flesh" by Tim Cahill. (I haven't read it, but I loved his book "Pecked to Death by Ducks")

Speaking of travel books, weren't we planning a group trip to the Caribbean at one point? What happened to that?
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