Wednesday, June 22, 2005

State of Fear 

I gave up on Michael Chrichton after I read The Lost World, even though I loved Jurassic Park and Andromeda Strain. Jurassic Park turned me on to one of my current passions, chaos theory. But I was in middle school when I liked him. I thought I outgrew him.

But I've been hearing interesting things about his latest book, State of Fear. Like this essay by Dr. S. Fred Singer.

Our heroes manage to scotch the nefarious doings of NERF and its egomaniac chief -- but just barely. In the process, They survive all sorts of perils, from frostbite in Antarctica to death by multiple lightning strikes to captivity by cannibals in the South Pacific. It is an exciting story. I read it in essentially one sitting, broken only by a few hours of sleep.

The not-so-hidden scientific message of State of Fear, spelled out in debates between action scenes and substantiated by footnotes, an afterword, an appendix, and a 20-page bibliography, is an oddly reassuring one for a novel:

**The scientific evidence does not support global warming fears -- or even the occurrence of a significant warming trend.

**The environmental movement and its well-paid leadership has jumped on the global warming bandwagon because that’s where the money is.

Footnotes in fiction are a rarity. I may have to read this one. Even if it is a best seller.

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