Friday, May 27, 2005

Books are like wood but with more words 

I've found a new hobby - using books in woodworking crafts.

It felt disrespectful at first. But I realized that the important par of books is the words and the content, not the cardboard (or bookboard, as the case may be) and paper.

My most recent project was a plant stand.

I found a hardcover copy of Douglas Coupland's "All Families are Psychotic" for sale. I bought it, and some bamboo. I spent some time in my dad's workshop with power tools and hot glue. The Coupland book is the base, made solid with screws through the cover in both directions. I carved into the cover to make a place for the inch-thick bamboo pole. I cut the pole to about 5 inches tall, and I took a 4 inch square of pine for the top, and glued it all together. It looks like a capital I with a base wider than the top platform. I'm proud of myself.

I planted some baby's breath in a 30 blank CD case. I wrapped the top piece of pine in aluminum foil, and I use a cookie-tin lid as a "coaster" for the cd case (I cut holes in the bottom so woter coulddrain), and the flowers overflowing and blossoming, and it looks really cool.

I like looking over from my computer to see the chaotic flowers and the words "All Families are Psychotic" - :)

I need to be satisfied with little projects like this and scrapbooking until I get my own house, and my own power tools; then I can really build stuff.

So wrong ... so very wrong ... but I really want to see a picture of this :)
I'm working on it. Once I figure out how to upload pictures...
done. :)
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