Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Meme stolen from SondraK


10 happy thoughts:
1. snow
2. butterflies
3. books
4. getting writing published
5. scrapbook supply stores
6. making photographs
7. my love
8. awareness of self-defense
9. getting magazines in the mail
10. cheetahs

9 of your favorite things:
1. books
2. journals
3. diet Coke
4. piano
5. letters in the mail
6. photo albums
7. stained glass
8. diamonds
9. live music

8 reasons to not live in the South:
1. heat
2. difficulty inserting oneself into society
3. no snow (or very little, anyway)
4. miserable hot summers
5. you'll be stereotyped by the "North"
6. hearing again and again about the "War of Northern Aggression"
7. the slow pace
8. few international airports

7 things you would like to receive as gifts:
1. Maxfield Parish paintings, in a book
2. shopping spree at the local craft store
3. songs or poems written about me
4. a book picked 'specially for me
5. subscription to the Economist (it's so expensive!)
6. old family photographs
7. time

6 people bloggers you know who would be interesting fictional characters:
1. Kim du Toit
2. Frank J.
3. Citizen Smash
4. Terpsboy
5. Rusty Shackleford
6. Eugene Volokh

5 addictions:
1. Caffeine
2. Reading
3. Bookstores
4. Writing
5. Cute animals like lizards and mice and baby monkeys

4 dream jobs:
1. Freelance Writer
2. Secretary for my beloved
3. Scrapbooking teacher
4. Psychology researcher

3 wishes you would make if you found a magical genie in a lamp:
1. ability to stop time (without aging)
2. ability to play guitar
3. money enough to by land and build a secure homestead for me and my belovved

2 places you would like to visit:
1. Alaska
2. Falkland Islands

1 memory that comes to mind when you read this:
1. Choice. I can choose which of these to do, be, or accomplish.

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