Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blogger quiz 

More fun with memes! This one from Frank J.


1. Who the hell do you think you are?
- um, existentially? Oh, seriously. I'm a 24-year-old female living in Maryland.

2. So, other than blogging, what's your job? Do you work at some fast food joint, dumbass?
- I work full-time at a small company doing contract and grant work for places like NIH. I'm also working part-time toward an MA in psychology. And I have a decent start of a freelance writing career.

3. Do you have like any experience in journalism, idiot?
- I'm a paid, published writer of things other than politics, does that count?

4. Do you even read newspapers?
- Only the WSJ, excpet when Hunter S. Thompson died, and then I read all the eulogies I could find. Most of my news comes from the web, both blogs and MSM sites.

5. Do you watch any other news than FOX News propaganda, you ignorant fool?
- I hate FOX news. I like the Simpsons, though.

6. I bet you're some moron talk radio listener too, huh?
- If I had time, I'd listen to the Liddy Show. I disagree with half of what he says, but it's refreshing how respectful he is of everyone who calls in or come is to the studio. I dolisten to NRAnews.com though.

7. So, do you get a fax from the GOP each day for what to say, you @#$% Republican parrot?
- Sorry, I'm not a Republican.

8. Why do you and your blogger friends want to silence and fire everyone who disagrees with you, fascist?
- We don't. We just want the truth. Sometimes hearing the truth makes people want to fire other people. That's too bad.

9. Are you completely ignorant of other countries, or do you actually own a passport?
- I own a passport. I've been to over 20 countries. Never lived anywhere but the US, except for a few years in Canada.

10. Have you even been to another country, you dumb hick?
- See above. Last country I went to was Grand Cayman (or Canada...my chronology's mixed up). I hope to go to Kenya again this summer. Oh, and I'll go to the Dominican Republic in May.

11. If you're so keen on the war, why haven't you signed up, chickenhawk?
- I thought about it. But I have obligations at home. I doubt I'd pass the fitness tests. But I do support the troops with care packages and by giving money to Spirit of America.

12. Do you have any idea of the horrors of war? Have you ever reached into a pile of goo that was your best friend's face?
- No.

13. Have you ever reached into any pile of goo?
- No, but my fiance wants to take me goose and deer hunting.

14. Once again, who the hell do you think you are?!"
- Just a girl in the world.

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